Our products

Our products have been sought and chosen for their success in achieving significant results in real- world scenarios, including assisting Nobel-Prize laureates.


Case-studies prove the success of the programs we offer. These demonstrate increases in sales, increased productivity, fewer accidents and improved relationships.

International network

We have an international network of Partners and Associates in Africa, the Asia-Pacific-Rim, Canada, Europe, South America, the Middle East, the UK and the United States.


We have over twenty years experience, delivering programs across many industries including: Automotive, Banking, Call-Centres, Construction, Consulting, Distilleries, Engineering, FMCG, Health, Hospitality, Insurance, IT, Mining and Minerals, Publishing, Security, and other industry-related service and support companies.


We have worked with companies from small and medium to large Fortune 500 companies, including Peugeot, General Motors, BHP Billiton, St George, and also have numerous others within and across each and every industry sector.

Value for Money

We offer cost-effective, value for money solutions.

Our Contact Details

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  •   (+61) 1300 883 652
  •   (+61) 1300 883 654
  • info@bfsdglobal.com

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