This eight-hour course, Two Way Street, helps participants improve two critical communication skills, listening and providing feedback. Participants learn and practice techniques for listening and providing effective feedback, thereby increasing their overall interpersonal effectiveness. This course uses a highly interactive teaching style, combining team initiatives and group discussions with relevant theory and communication principles to make a rich and engaging learning environment.


  • Understand the importance of mindfulness when listening to others
  • Explore the complexities of effective listening
  • Use more effective listening and feedback skills
  • Assess personal listening blocks
  • Learn how to give and receive feedback


  • Active Listening: listening to create a dialogue and understanding
  • Four Stages of Listening: Sensing, Interpreting, Evaluating, Responding
  • Listening Skills Assessment: self assessment of listening skills
  • Listening Blocks: identifying what gets in the way of listening effectively
  • Listening Obstacles: sender, listener, environmental barriers
  • Listening Levels: Active, Reflective Listening, Selective Listening, Passive Listening
  • Principles for Giving Feedback: full range of do's and don'ts for giving feedback
  • Johari Window: looking at two important aspects of feedback - gathering and providing information
  • Feedback Assessment: self assessment related to giving feedback
  • Principles for Receiving Feedback: taking action to assure feedback is useful

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