Representing the largest pool of management talent in most companies, Supervisors are critical to an organization’s success.

Companies that develop superior leaders can execute more effectively than their rivals, and in tough economic times, Supervisor’s who can successfully manage their people to achieve results become even more important.

Our Supervisor Skills Training is a two-day Program designed to provide practical hands-on skills and techniques for attaining increased results from employees.

The program can be customized to specific company needs. This Program is for any employee who needs to learn how to achieve results through people. This includes team leaders, supervisors and new managers.


  • Improved supervisor skills and improved business results through a relationship based management process to achieve
  • Understand Supervisor responsibilities and main focus areas.
  • Focus efforts on issues that can be controlled or influenced, and away from issues where they have no control.
  • Understand how their attitude affects the personal productivity of employees.
  • Recognise how the management behaviours of effective supervisors help with the achievement of effective business results.
  • Understand what actions they need to take with their employees.
  • Examine and align their expectations, the company's and the employee's.
  • Understand the importance of demonstrating a caring attitude towards employees.
  • Work towards continual improvement.

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