Achieving and Enabling Resilience is a practical one-day (8-hour) program to give participants the tools to build personal resilience to cope with daily pressures, deal with and adapt to life's changes, triumph over life's challenges and bounce back to achieve desired outcomes.

In order meet life head-on with enthusiasm and vitality, we look at the strengths underpinning resilience across physical, mental and emotional essentials.

Tools are provided to manage stress and pressure, to help stay determined, flexible and agile, to overcome obstacles, and to remain constructive and positive rather than disheartened by failure.


  • Replicate the skills and attributes of highly resilient people
  • Initiate a healthy and vital approach to life
  • Build a Positive Attitude and Response to overcome obstacles and build resilience
  • Recognize the emotional stages of change, the characteristics of each stage and how to move through the stages and stay confident, flexible and agile
  • Review self-discipline
  • Recognize and examine resistance to change
  • Understand key stress concepts to overcome stress across all areas of life
  • Gain insight into how to increase success whilst increasing personal accountability and self-reliance.
  • Achieve resilience to deal with mistakes, crisis and failures readily
  • Approach life with ease


This course uses a highly interactive teaching style, combining discussions of relevant theory and principles with assessments and practice simulations to create a rich and engaging learning environment.


  • Resilience Definitions: Understand the aspects of resilience
  • Personal Resilience: a list of To Do's to model Highly Resilient People
  • Resilience = Business Results: the importance of being resilient in a changing world
  • Building Resilience: examining and approaching 'You' through:
    • Physical Maintenance
    • Mental Agility
    • Emotional Well-Being
  • Personal Accountability and its role in Building Resilience:
    • Comfort Zone vs. Safety Zone vs. Punishment Zone;
    • Personal Accountability Model
  • Developing a Mindset for Change:
    • Change simulation, change paradigms
    • Resistance to Change: why and how people resist change, emotional stages of change, transition mode
  • Stress Basics: stress reduction techniques
  • Resilience Contract: template for clarifying and increasing commitment to action

Participants walk away with the tools and skills learned and an Action Plan to Build Resilience to increase success across all areas of life.

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