This sixteen-hour course, Great Presentations, helps participants improve both their formal and informal presentation skills. Various types of presentations are explored and strategies for maximizing speaking effectiveness are developed. Elements of speaking style are discussed and methods and tools for developing and planning presentations are introduced. Participants create and deliver a presentation using proven techniques and tools.


  • Understand the confidence and competence model
  • Recognize the components of effective and ineffective presentations
  • Practice using appropriate eye contact, movement, gestures, posture, voice and language when delivering a presentation
  • Develop and use effective strategies to reduce fears and control nervousness when making presentations
  • Identify ways to manage the question and answer portion of a presentation
  • Describe and use a variety of visual aids in presentations
  • Practice delivering a presentation
  • Self-assess current level of presentation skills and develop improvement plans

Course Overview:

This course uses a highly interactive teaching style, combining practice sessions and discussions with relevant theory to make a rich and engaging learning environment.


  • Confidence and Competence Model: a success formula for getting from fear and anxiety to willingness and enthusiasm in making presentations
  • Characteristics of Ineffective vs. Effective Presentations: discuss past experiences to create a comprehensive list of do’s and don’ts
  • Types of Presentations: various types of presentations, their purpose and delivery options
  • Personal Speaking Style: eye contact, gestures, posture, voice and language
  • Using Nervous Energy: convert nervousness into energy and enthusiasm
  • Feedback: do’s and don’ts for giving feedback
  • Question and Answer Sessions: strategies for handling questions
  • Presentation Roadmap: planning and organizing effective presentations
  • Presentation Tools: visuals, handouts, props, formal and informal techniques, presentation checklist
  • Practice Delivery: prepare and deliver a presentation, receive coaching and feedback

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