Essential Sales Skills is a 2-day program designed for individuals involved in influencing customers to use your company's services, products and build sustained long-term business relationships. A methodology for improving and elevating delegates’ current selling activities will be presented for quick and easy use over the 2-day program. Consistent use of this will assure successful outcomes in solution selling opportunities and provide confidence for ongoing success. Participants learn and practice how to use the selling methodology to build long-term relationships with their customers, and apply a collaborative and consultative approach, with the focus on customer’s needs. Participants are encouraged to use course time to reflect upon and plan action steps to improve actual selling situations.


  • Part 1: Essential Sales Skills - Selling.
  • Part 2: Essential Sales Skills - Negotiation.
  • Part 3: Essential Sales Skills - The Value Benefit Proposition.

Part 1: Essential Sales Skills - Selling

  • Understand and agree the concept of Consultative Selling
  • To enable you to adjust yourself to the customer mindset
  • To provide you with the skills to maximise the sales opportunity.
  • To enable you to deliver customer focused closes
  • Stimulate and maintain the enthusiasm of the customer through speaking his/her language.
  • Understand the customer’s concerns and remove any barriers to a sale.
  • To help you become a better sales person.
Program Benefits
  • Provides focus on the customer; gives guidance in stress situations.
  • Follows a proven track of well-established procedures.
  • Eliminates the frustration of not being prepared and lacking skills.
  • Gains the confidence of the customer.
  • Tailors selling and closing technique to the particular customer.
  • Demonstrates a competitive edge and creates further confidence in the buyer.
  • Stimulates and maintains the enthusiasm of the customer through speaking his/her language.
  • Helps identify the customer’s concerns and any barriers to a sale.
Part 2: Essential Sales Skills - Negotiation

This part of the Course is about skilling-up for those activities which occur in the closing stages of a sale.

Often this is where Selling changes to Negotiating.

Selling – helping customer’s to buy
Negotiating – the process where two or more parties, with common and conflicting interests, come together for the purpose of reaching a Win-Win Agreement.

Why Negotiate?
  • To overcome any disagreement and resolve concerns
  • To maximize the scope and value of the sale
  • To ensure that you can deliver profitably and meet the customer’s requirement
  • To avoid giving things away i.e. concessions
Part 3: Essential Sales Skills - The Value Benefit Proposition.

This part of the Course is about preparing the Value Benefit Proposition, very often the last step to closing the sale, and thus an Essential Sales Skill.

The Value Benefit Proposition is a framework. It prompts you to consolidate and summarize the business value of the potential purchase, and is an essential tool to enable the seller to:

Close the sale
  • Demonstrate the costs of not going ahead with a sale
  • Provide the decision maker with all the financial information required to justify their decision to others and removes risk perception
  • Helps the seller avoid giving discounts
  • Enhances the perception of professionalism , the seller is viewed as a consultant not just a salesman

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