Working virtually is a new reality for many people. This eight-hour course, Virtual Teamwork, helps participants understand the challenges and benefits of effective teamwork, even when team members work in separate locations. It helps develop both interpersonal skills of trust building and communication, while helping develop personal skills of adaptability. Participants identify the challenges and develop strategies for making their virtual situation work more effectively. This course provides information and tools for consulting with clients using virtual teams.


  • Increase attributes and skills needed to build an effective virtual team
  • Examine the stages of team development from a virtual team perspective
  • Learn and apply a fundamental relationship model
  • Reinforce the key teamwork skills of listening, relationship-building and problem solving
  • Assess personal attributes required in a virtual team setting
  • Deal with the challenges of working within the home environment

Course Overview:

This course uses a highly interactive teaching style, combining team initiatives with relevant theory and principles to make a rich and engaging learning environment.


  • Team Basics: norms, team relationship model
  • How Does a Virtual Team Work: team initiative, key virtual connectors
  • Working Together Apart: team initiative, team development model
  • Virtual Team Member Assessment: explore attributes that help when working virtually
  • Practicing Virtual Teamwork: team initiatives
  • Strategies for the Home-based Worker: establishing boundaries and agreements
  • Action Planning: taking it home

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