Valuing Diversity is a two-day Program targeted at companies and Participants who want to identify ways to meet the challenges of diversity faced by organisations. Participants learn to apply a model of global and local communication and cultural styles to identify behaviours in multiple cultures for global business organisations.


  • Identify how we are similar but different.
  • Recognise opportunities to celebrate differences.
  • Review the challenges of global diversity for the organisation.
  • Explore the advantage for the changing demographics of the world.
  • Review the benefits of valuing diversity that could be measured in monetary terms.
  • Design a model for diversity for use in their organisation.
  • State the consequences of culture for organisations.
  • Examine and be able to comment on prejudice, discrimination, stereotyping and the Matrix of Communication.
  • State the personal effects of peer pressure.
  • Take action and be aware and alert of language, labeling, humour, using excluding words, modifying words, the use of “he” and “she” and the use of language.
  • Assess their company policies for good practice.


  • Appreciating Differences/Communication Matrix.
  • The Benefits.
  • Diversity and Global Organisations.
  • Legislation.
  • Becoming Alert and Aware.

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