Selecting & Keeping Great People is a two-day program, which is aimed at first level and middle managers. The Program is designed to ensure that the right people are recruited, and then selected by examining job skills analyses, behavioural interviewing and how to successfully integrate the new employees.

This Program gives you the opportunity to meet recruitment objectives and your company’s success depends on your ability to develop and sustain a competitive workforce. This includes finding and selecting the right people – the best talent for the job.


  • World Class Selection and Training Criteria.
  • Selection System Overview.
  • Gathering Data and the STAR Exercise.
  • The Structured Interview.
  • Legal Considerations.
  • On-the-Job Training.


World Class Selection and Training Criteria

  • The Definition of Competencies.
  • Job and Organisational Fit.
  • Matching Skills to Competencies.
  • Defining Key Job Behaviours.
  • Recognising Behaviour - Exercises.
Selection System Overview
  • Current Interviewing Processes.
  • Systems used by World Class Competencies
  • The costs of good and poor selection.
  • Defining a competency coverage grid.
  • Video and discussion on competency-based interviewing.
Gathering Data and the STAR Exercise
  • Structured interviewing using video vignettes.
  • The STAR methodology for data gathering.
  • The past as a predictor for the future.
  • Probing for behavioural examples.
  • STAR exercises for skill improvement.
The Structured Interview
  • Interviewing Traps.
  • Elements of a successful interview.
  • Preparation for the Interview.
  • Managing the Interview.
  • Practice Interviewing and Feedback.
Legal Considerations
  • Video – You be the Judge.
  • Discrimination.
  • Treat all applicants the same.
  • Take Objective Notes.
  • Interview for skill, not the personality.
On-the-Job Training
  • Four Requirements for making Performance happen.
  • Eleven Reasons people don’t perform as expected.
  • How good training saves money.
  • Other solutions for performance problems.
  • Effectiveness of on-the-job training.

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