Relationship-based Negotiations, helps participants understand the philosophy behind negotiating. It also teaches the basics of conducting a negotiation session to achieve needed results while maintaining a long-term, healthy relationship. A 6-step process model is taught and practiced. Participants assess their negotiation style preferences and at the end of the session, action plan to improve their negotiation skills. This course can be combined with Relationship-based Selling to build a strong skill set and approach to selling and negotiating.


  • Identify the benefits of relationship-based negotiations
  • Discuss key elements of negotiations
  • Identify different negotiation styles
  • Understand personal strengths and weaknesses in negotiating
  • Learn a structured approach for planning and conducting negotiations

Course Overview:

This course uses a highly interactive teaching style, combining discussions of relevant theory and negotiating principles with practice simulations to create a rich and engaging learning environment.


  • TripleWin Relationship Model: Compete, Coexist, Coordinate, Collaborate
  • Introduction to Negotiations: assumptions and definition
  • Negotiation Inventory: assess personal negotiation style preferences (Defeat, Withdraw, Accommodate, Compromise, Collaborate)
  • Negotiation Strategies: explore various strategies
  • Negotiation Process Steps: 1-Define what is to be negotiated, 2-Determine seriousness of situation, 3-Identify negotiators, 4-Identify interests (yours and theirs), 5-Establish ground rules, 6-Negotiate
  • Practice Sessions: simulations and real situations

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