Managers need the skills and confidence to lead during times of change. Being change savvy leads to greater success both personally and professionally. This twelve-hour course, Change Skills and Tools for Managers, assists managers in implementing on-going changes, including those caused by mergers, downsizing or typical changes. It provides managers with tools for engaging their employees and customers in the change. Change Skills and Tools for Managers provides a safe environment to discuss the difficulties and challenges of leading the people side of change and introduces change principles, frameworks and tools that can be immediately applied to real-life change situations.


  • Increase personal knowledge and skills related to change leadership
  • Explore the people impacts of change
  • Learn change theory that translates directly to workplace situations
  • Apply change management tools to a change situation

This course uses a highly interactive teaching style, combining group initiatives and discussions with relevant theory and principles to make a rich and engaging learning environment. Every participant is encouraged to focus on a specific change initiative to make a real time application of the course content.


  • Feelings About Change: natural positive and negative feelings about change
  • Achieving Successful Implementation: S X E = C
  • Key Elements in Change: elements that must be managed in any change - Vision, Skills, Incentives, Resources, Action
  • Project Management vs. Change Leadership: two important yet different roles
  • William Bridges Model: Endings, Transitions, New Beginnings
  • People Side to Change: typical misconceptions, misalignment during change
  • Resistance to Change: why and how people resist change
  • Emotional Stages of Change: Kubler-Ross Cycle and Stages
  • Change Initiative: merging companies
  • Change Tools: learn and use the Change Readiness Assessment, Elevator Speech, Stakeholder Analysis and Communication Action Plan
  • Step into Action: identifying the first steps to take

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