The courses help participants understand and develop the leadership skills needed to succeed in business today. Participants learn the full range of important leadership competencies, including: developing high performance teams, selecting a leadership style appropriate to the situation, resolving conflicts and effectively communicating. A strong theoretical framework is taught with key models practiced during the sessions. A variety of activities, assessments and initiatives are used in each session to fully engage everyone in the learning process. This course uses a highly interactive teaching style, combining discussions of relevant theory with practical psychological assessments, practice simulations and team initiatives to create a rich and engaging learning environment.


  • To nurture and reinforce great leadership behaviors and skills
  • To provide structure and strategies for building high performance teams and organizations
  • To develop strong conflict management skills
  • To develop effective communication skills
  • To develop strong, basic leadership skills, including theories of situational leadership and empowerment


  • Building a High Performance Team: using classroom discussions and team initiatives, the stages of team development, building trust-based relationships, how to develop teamwork and engage teams to achieve maximum results are taught
  • Leading Great Teams (2 sessions): using classroom discussions and team initiatives, various styles and approaches to leadership are learned and practiced, including Situational
  • Leadership and Empowerment
  • Conflict Resolution: using classroom discussions and practice activities, the causes of conflict and strategies for dealing successfully with a wide-range of conflict situations are presented and experimented with
  • Communication Skills: using classroom discussion and real situations, the best approaches to communication – listening and asking great questions – are practiced and learned

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