Motivation and Goal Setting, a one-day or eight-hour Program, helps Participants understand both internal and external motivation that relates to the work environment. Participants identify personal motivators for success. Techniques for goal setting, improving attitude and work performance, increasing productivity, enhancing the probability for job stability and success, and improving the bottom line of the organisation are examined.


  • Assess your personality to determine the category for placement.
  • Identify factors that motivate persons to accomplish tasks and further their expertise.
  • Understand how business is compared to a sporting event – a five-step process for getting results presented.
  • Comprehend results from being empowered. Identify things that empower and disempower.
  • Experience an event that helps you understand the need for a shared vision, mission, and goals.
  • What’s your Type?
  • Motivators
  • Playing at Work
  • Goal Setting


What’s Your Type?

  • Participants take an assessment that places them in one of four personality categories.
  • Focus on general tendencies, environmental desires, and how best to get along with people.
  • Identify factors that motivate people to accomplish tasks and further their expertise.
  • A means for understanding motivation is presented.
  • The theory of the dynamics of job satisfaction and a theory presented to further understand motivation.
  • Concepts of individual and situational motivators presented.
Playing at Work
  • Comparison of business to a sporting event in which people are highly motivated in an attempt to apply the same motivators to Empowerment.
  • A result from being empowered is high motivation.
  • Participants learn to identify things that empower and disempower them, the keys to empowerment, and specific steps to empower others.
  • Empowerment gives leaders more time to implement new ideas or tasks.
Goal Setting
  • Experiential event used to help Participants understand the need for a shared vision, mission, and goals.
  • Characteristics of successful goal-setting techniques and effective action planning are identified.
  • Set individual goals.
  • Determine steps to reach goals.
  • Develop an action plan for success.

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