Identifying, Developing and Utilizing Your Emotional Intelligence, is a one-day Program designed to give the Participant an opportunity to walk away able to balance both IQ and EQ with successful application in every area of his / her life. Daniel Goleman’s ‘Emotional Intelligence’ published in 1995 raised the issue of emotion to the surface and protested that EQ was more important that IQ and the debate has raged ever since.


  • Understand the difference between EQ and IQ.
  • Apply both EQ and IQ appropriately.
  • Use emotion as a tool and resource rather than as a weakness and drawback.
  • Respond appropriately to people and circumstances for maximum effectiveness at all levels.
  • Lead a more fulfilling and successful life.


  • What is Emotional Intelligence?
  • Why is EQ important?
  • No emotion or emotion – when and when not to use emotion.
  • Identifying our emotional strengths.
  • How our EQ influences our attitude to current circumstances and individuals.
  • How our EQ influences our perception of our world and behaviour.
  • Resourceful and Unresourceful states.
  • Using EQ to increase our effectiveness and success.
  • Successful people have a high EQ – how to use EQ to model and create your own personal success.

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