Managing a Customer-focused Organization, provides managers with both a general understanding and an opportunity to develop action steps to immediately improve their own organizations. The course explores research on what customers complain about as well as the things that earn customer loyalty. Various aspects of customer service are explored, including the Customer Service Cycle, Moments of Truth and Dimensions of Customer Service. The goal of this course is to help managers step back and assess their organization related to customer focus – and then decide what to do to improve! Multiple assessments are provided to help participants understand their current situation and activities are used to apply the concepts and develop their implementation skills. Participants are encouraged to use course time to reflect upon their current reality and to create action steps to improve their organization’s levels of customer focus and service.


  • Explore the importance of good customer relationships
  • Define and describe an enthusiastic customer
  • Identify strategies for achieving excellent relationships with customers
  • Create an action plan to improve interaction with the customer

Course Overview:

This course uses a highly interactive teaching style, combining discussions of relevant theory and customer care principles with practice simulations and assessments to create a rich and engaging learning environment.


  • Comfort Zone: why it is difficult to change
  • Customer Focus: definition and quiz of customer service facts
  • Customer Service Cycle: 3 easy steps
  • Customer Focus Assessment: how customer focused is your organization?
  • Organizational Dynamics Cycle: review of the connections between culture, manager enthusiasm, employee enthusiasm and customer enthusiasm
  • Moments of Truth: review of what drives the customer experience
  • Dimensions of Customer Service: discussion and self assessment of the five dimensions of service (Reliability, Responsiveness, Attitude, Empathy and Tangible Product or Service)
  • Continuous Improvement Process: 5 step process for engaging employees in the change process
  • Action Planning: time to look at all the assessment information and identify first steps to take towards increasing customer service and customer focus

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