Your Customer is Calling, focuses on building strong customer relationships while doing business over the telephone. Techniques and methods are explored to improve the quality of each interaction and to build long-lasting customer relationships. Basic rules are presented and participants practice placing and receiving customer calls. Situations for handling difficult callers are discussed and role played.


  • Identify elements of customer service that earn enthusiastic customers and repeat sales
  • Identify effective techniques for using the telephone every day
  • Build effective relationships with customers during telephone calls
  • Identify effective methods of greeting the customer, obtaining customer information and concluding telephone calls
  • Use active listening and empathy for more effective customer interactions
  • Adjust telephone communication style to suit individual customer styles
  • Handle customer problems and complaints effectively

Course Overview:

This course uses a highly interactive teaching style, combining discussions of relevant theory with practice of communication and customer care principles to create a rich and engaging learning environment.


  • Telephone Customer Service: explore the realities of serving customers through telephone conversations
  • Formula for Customer Enthusiasm: discuss levels of expectations (LOE) and moments of truth (MOT)
  • Telephone Service Survey: evaluate typical situations and how customers might respond
  • Speech Control: techniques and personal speech evaluation (articulation, assimilation, rate, pace, inflection)
  • Building Customer Relationships: explore a range of empathic responses and approaches
  • Customer and Telephone Skills Quiz: series of true and false questions evaluating understanding of customer situations
  • Receiving a Call: practice telephone situations (answering, using hold, transferring calls, taking messages and ending conversations)
  • Handling Problems and Complaints: winning over a difficult customer, working with an angry caller

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