Our Company – Our Brand, explores how to use brand image, brand essence and brand equity as tools for developing customer loyalty. Participants identify their types of customers and consider what their customers are looking for – what they want or expect from the brand. The customer experience is presented as a compilation of their experience with the product, the purchase, the ownership and the communication about the brand. Participants examine what other companies have done to successfully grow their brands and then develop action plans of things they can do to enhance the equity of their own products or services.


  • Recognize the importance of brand preference in customer decision-making
  • Recognize the impact of moments of truth on brand image and equity
  • Identify actions to take to enhance brand image

Course Overview:

This course uses a highly interactive teaching style, combining discussions of relevant theory and marketing principles with practice simulations to create a rich and engaging learning environment.


  • TripleWin Relationship Model: building trusting relationships with customers
  • Exploring Brand: what is a brand, brand essence and equity
  • 5 Aspects of a Brand: product, price, place, promotion, people
  • Brand Loyalty: attitude of customers about the brand, value of a loyal customer
  • Customer Loyalty: types of customers, getting to know our customers, creating the best total brand experience
  • Brand Equity: enhancing the brand, action planning

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