Earning Customer Loyalty, introduces participants to proven methods that help increase customer loyalty. Participants spend time understanding the differences between dissatisfaction, satisfaction and loyalty in customer situations. Activities are used to create strategies for gaining customer loyalty. The roles of the company, the team and individual team members are explored. Participants practice active listening and empathy skills to build strong long-term relationships and credibility.


  • Recognize the business advantage of loyal customers
  • Identify ways to gain and maintain customer loyalty
  • Identify roles of the company, team and individual team members in providing quality customer care and earning customer loyalty
  • Reinforce active listening and empathy skills for improving customer interactions

Course Overview:

This course uses a highly interactive teaching style, combining discussions of relevant theory and customer care principles with practice simulations to create a rich and engaging learning environment.


  • Dissatisfaction to Loyalty: explore the differences between dissatisfaction, satisfaction and loyalty
  • Benefits of Customer Loyalty: define the opportunities
  • Customer Loyalty Triangle: company, team and individuals roles in customer care
  • Actions that Earn Customer Loyalty: identify past practices that earned loyalty
  • Company Culture: company culture‚Äôs impact on customer relations
  • The Commandments of Customer Service: documented theory of practices that lead to loyalty
  • Team Roles and Responsibilities: discussion of team requirements, practice team initiative
  • Individual Roles and Responsibilities: focus on the customer, build your skills, listen, empathize and manage stress
  • Action Planning: four guidelines to follow when determining how to go the extra mile and earn customer loyalty

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