Customer Care Basics, reminds us to pay attention to all aspects of customer interactions. The course focuses on customer enthusiasm as the framework to build a successful business approach. Participants learn how customer enthusiasm is built or destroyed while learning process models to implement a customer focused approach. The overarching course goal is to learn how to best create and nurture a mindset about customers. Activities are used to apply the concepts. Participants are encouraged to use course time to reflect upon and plan action steps to improve actual customer situations.


  • Identify the differences between dissatisfaction, satisfaction and enthusiasm
  • Share the concepts of Level of Expectation (LOE), Level of Reality (LOR) and Moments of Truth (MOT)
  • Develop action plans to gain Customer Loyalty

Course Overview:

This course uses a highly interactive teaching style, combining discussions of relevant theory and principles with practice simulations to create a rich and engaging learning environment.


  • Customer Enthusiasm: working definitions on customer enthusiasm
  • What Are Our Customers Saying: a self diagnosis to identify what needs to change
  • Satisfied vs. Enthusiastic: define the differences and the gaps
  • Moments of Truth: define the opportunities
  • Customer Initiative: practice situation
  • Video: classic customer video to identify opportunities
  • How to Increase Customer Loyalty: explore opportunities
  • Action Plan to WOW!: define immediate action steps

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