This six-session professional development program, conducted for 12 days over a six to eight month period, helps participants grow and develop the skills needed to succeed in business today as a trusted business partner. Participants learn a full range of important competencies to improve their abilities to develop long-term relationships with customers, including: building trust-based, win-win relationships; selling; negotiating; consulting; change management; and critical conflict and communication skills. A strong theoretical framework is taught with key models practiced during the sessions. A variety of activities, assessments and initiatives are used in each session to fully engage everyone in the learning process. This course uses a highly interactive teaching style, combining discussions of relevant theory with practical psychological assessments, practice simulations and team initiatives to create a rich and engaging learning environment.


  • To develop the skills and approach of trusted advisors and collaborative partners
  • To develop and reinforce the essential professional skills of selling, negotiating and consulting
  • To develop strong change management and change leadership skills
  • To improve interpersonal skills in the areas of conflict management , listening, asking questions and providing feedback
  • To increase personal accountability and self awareness

Sessions’ Content:

  • Becoming a Trusted Advisor: using classroom discussions, team initiatives and the MBTI, strategies for creating and sustaining customer enthusiasm are presented. Fundamental concepts for building strong relationships, asking for and giving appropriate support and becoming a trusted advisor are explored.
  • Relationship-based Selling and Negotiating: using classroom discussions and team activities, both selling and negotiating process models are presented and practiced.
  • Collaborative Consulting: after learning about the collaborative consulting process, a consulting simulation and role play is used to practice the collaborative approach to consulting.
  • Change Skills: using classroom discussions and real change situations, the impact of change on individuals is explored and useful change tools are learned and applied to actual change situations.
  • Fine-tuning Our Interpersonal Skills: using classroom discussions and role plays, conflict, listening, asking questions and feedback skills are practiced.
  • Accountability and Learning Projects: a powerful accountability model is explored, along with the LSI personal assessment, to enable participants to reflect and action plan future performance goals. Participants give presentations on how they have applied the PDP concepts and models in their jobs and to a learning project. Members of the management team attend the learning presentations.

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