Managing through Transitions is a one day Program that is designed to support managers in working through the merger process as quickly and smoothly as possible. Understanding the transitions process, being sensitive to the personal issues related to change and knowing how to respond to their team’s needs helps maintain productivity and morale.


  • Gain new and useful perspectives on the difficulties and challenges of major change.
  • Identify the 3 phases of transition and how they apply to their specific change situations.
  • Learn practical tactics to successfully engage and support their people through the stages of transition.
  • Directly apply their learning to their current changes challenges in a facilitated environment.
  • Develop a personal transition / influencing plan to aid merger success.


  • William Bridges’ transition model to their organisation changes and proactive communicating changes and handling subsequent resistance.
  • Culture assessment to identify differences in culture and strategies to effectively maneuver through culture clash.
  • Communication model that accommodates how personal preferences affect responses to change.
  • Methodologies for identifying and influencing the level of commitment of key individuals.
  • Personal transition plan.

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