It’s Time to Change, provides an environment for discussing change – the difficulties, the advantages and the necessity. It introduces change principles and frameworks that help participants develop a healthy mindset for change, prepare for changes and identify how to help others. Participants can apply their learning to a real-life change situation that they are, or will be, facing within their respective workplaces. A change readiness assessment tool is provided.


  • Recognize the emotional stages of change and the characteristics of each stage
  • Recognize how to move through the stages
  • Recognize why and how people resist change
  • Identify what is needed from others to help accept and support change
  • Review key stress concepts related to change

Course Overview:

This course uses a highly interactive teaching style, combining team initiatives and group discussions with relevant theory and change principles to make a rich and engaging learning environment.


  • Developing a Mindset for Change: change simulation, change paradigms
  • Resistance to Change: why and how people resist change, emotional stages of change, transition model
  • Change Initiative: team initiative
  • Stress Basics: stress reduction techniques, ideas for helping others
  • Change Readiness Assessment: tool for evaluating readiness for major changes

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