In today’s business environment, change is taken as a given and companies and governments need no convincing that the pace of change is increasing. In order not to risk failure, companies require a workforce that can synergistically respond and adapt quickly. As effective relationships are essential in a changing environment, our programs provide leaders, managers and individuals with the skills to assist others to respond, concur and change effectively and swiftly.

  • Change Skills and Tools for Managers
  • Fundamentals of Change Leadership
  • It’s Time to Change
  • Managing Through Transitions

Improve your management and leadership abilities, by learning relationship-based coaching skills that will engage, assist and enable others to achieve higher levels of performance, increased job satisfaction, personal growth, and career development.

  • Relationship-based Coaching

Our programs help participants increase their understanding and further develop skills needed to use a collaborative approach in business situations. Participants learn to contract and build collaborative relationships with their clients to maximize the effectiveness of the provided consulting services.

  • Advanced Consulting Skills
  • Collaborative Consulting
  • Professional Development Program

Whether interfacing with the customer face-to-face or over the telephone, our Customer Care programs focus on building strong customer relationships to achieve enthusiastic and loyal customers.

  • 6 Steps for building Customer Enthusiasm
  • Caring for Challenging Customers
  • Creating Customer Enthusiasm
  • Customer Care Basics
  • Earning Customer Loyalty
  • Increasing Customer Focus
  • Managing a Customer-focused Organization
  • Our Company – Our Brand
  • Your Customer is Calling

Our interpersonal programs are designed to assist in identifying and developing individual strengths whilst understanding and learning from any limitation, so as to effectively engage and interact with others and expand relationships and overcome all barriers to effective communication and relationships.

  • Identifying, Developing and Utilizing your Emotional Intelligence
  • Achieving and Enabling Resilience
  • Motivation and Goal Setting
  • Time And Productivity Management
  • Two-Way Street – Listening and Feedback
  • Understanding and Managing Stress

A good leader defines leadership largely as relationship skills.
Our Leadership programs introduce tools and skills that leaders can use to communicate, influence, motivate, and direct others, while maintaining trust and building effective relationships with the people who are involved in producing the results.

  • Accountable Leadership
  • Leadership Program - Phase 1
  • Leadership Program - Phase 2
  • Leading Great Teams
  • The Leadership Academy

Effective management is a skill, highly dependent on enhanced relationships and shared goals; where the contribution of people to business results is recognized and acknowledged.
Managers need various skills to effectively achieve results through people. These include effective communication, conflict and collaboration skills, selecting and retaining top talent, a focus on informal and formal performance management skills and also coaching and teamwork skills, whilst valuing diversity.

  • Collaborative Conflict Resolution
  • Managing a Customer-focused Organization
  • Managing Effective Meetings – Facilitating 101
  • DISC & Problem Solving
  • Performance Feedback
  • Project Management
  • Selecting and Keeping Great People
  • Valuing Diversity
  • Virtual Teamwork
  • Workplace Supervisor Skills

Make a positive impression, be remembered positively, and build a relationship with your audience by using the skills in our program.

  • Great Presentations

Our sales programs focus on the application of a collaborative and consultative skills approach, to enhance relationships and ensure a win for the customer, a win for the organization and a win for the salesperson.

  • Customer Friendly-Selling
  • Essential Sales Skills for Success
  • Relationship-based Negotiations
  • Relationship-based Selling

A team is greater than the sum of its parts.
Using experiential activities and optimal participation we focus and build on the skills required to enhance relationships and create effective, sustainable and high performance teams.

  • First Step – Teams at Work
  • High Performance Teamwork
  • Team Decision-Making
  • Virtual Teamwork

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